This location is made in white with bright elements of natural environs

On the one side is a large swimming pool with a gorgeous deckchair and water running down on it from the ceiling. All that is stylized as a yacht with a mast and a beautiful view of the sunset at sea. On the other side, we find ourselves on a green lawn, and right next to it is a huge rock with various plants. But that’s not all. Genuine seashore sand with a tumbleweed will carry you away to the Mediterranean. This location also has a pole for pole dance, on which you can demonstrate how flexible your body is.


Photo zone 1:

flower wall with two couches and a chandelier

Photo zone 2:

a zone featuring sand and broken amphorae, a rock with lianas, blue wooden shutters, white wood plaiting

Photo zone 3:

live wall with real plants

Photo zone 4:

golden mosaic wall

Photo zone 5:

a water site where water can be supplied from the top like a shower and from the bottom as a swimming pool with LED illumination on a console, three huge mirrors in golden baguette setting, paper background fastening

Photo zone 6:

artificial green lawn: large space for creativity


Movable requisites on SUMMER location:

  • wooden sunlounger

  • two vases with palm tree branches

  • golden palm tree branches

  • inflatable semitransparent pink mattress

  • armchair

  • two couches

  • amphorae

  • semi-column


photo equipment

  • three PROFOTO professional light sources on MANFROTTO stands;
  • full set of PROFOTO reflectors and soft boxes;
  • 24 color paper backgrounds;
  • 24 meters of color filters;