Silver: exquisite furniture and patina finish on moldings

Silver: exquisite furniture and patina finish on moldings, producing vintage effect, all against the background of noble grey tone, create a truly aristocratic atmosphere. In the center of the location is a large cyclorama. The opposite side elevates this atmosphere to a new level of chic and neon glitter. This location has it all – furs, color diodes in the glass floor, a large light box shaped as window, transparent chairs – everything that inspires creation of new photographic masterpieces!


Photo zone 1:

artistic grey patina on molding, a beige leather armchair and a designer couch, two large chandeliers with pavilion ceilings

Photo zone 2:

a set of various-type silvery curtains, a mirror with molding, glass floor with color LED illumination on the control console (8 colors)

Photo zone 3:

a window-shaped light box, light fur wall with a white leather bench, a rectangular chandelier with Swarovski stones (three color modes)

Photo zone 4:

a 5-meter white cyclorama

Movable requisites on SILVER location:


  • torchère with Swarovski stones

  • beige leather armchair

  • designer couch

  • candlestick

  • marble console with cherub-shaped engraving

  • two vases with flowers

  • transparent chair

photo equipment

  • three PROFOTO professional light sources on MANFROTTO stands;
  • full set of PROFOTO reflectors and soft boxes;
  • 24 color paper backgrounds;
  • 24 meters of color filters;