Royal Blue

Royal Blue location is made in gorgeous blue tones

An ideal combination of style and taste, expressed in an interesting contrast. Besides the snow-white bed which harmoniously blends into the blue-white décor, Royal Blue location also features a lavish kitchen of the rich blue color. Cabinets with illumination, unique dishware and golden kitchen utensils create a special atmosphere. The exclusive black lamp in the center of the location, combined with golden and blue tones, makes the interior especially majestic.


Photo zone 1:

a large luxurious bed, blue walls with stucco, a chandelier with pavilion ceiling, a window with natural sunlight and a view of golden domes

Photo zone 2:

blue kitchen with all kitchen appliances, two windows with natural sunlight, a kitchen preparation table

Photo zone 3:

a composition featuring white fireplace and two blue velour armchairs, a black chandelier with mirror in golden frame, a transparent table on three legs with golden cherubs

Movable requisites on ROYAL BLUE location:


  • blue torchère

  • two blue velour armchairs

  • round transparent table

         three vases with flowers

  • black candlestick

  • mirror with removable golden frame

  • kitchen preparation table

photo equipment

  • three PROFOTO professional light sources on MANFROTTO stands;
  • full set of PROFOTO reflectors and soft boxes;
  • 24 color paper backgrounds;
  • 24 meters of color filters;