Loft-neon is location with wow-effects

Loft Neon: this small (at first glance) location hides huge potential. Each one of the four walls represents a separate zone with its own wow effects: - a 3-meter neon and stainless steel wall; - a location in which wood is combined with golden tones, an incredible molding and geometry; - movable pallets by the golden wall can create a special depth of image; - the bamboo zone will carry you away to paradise islands.


Photo zone 1:

3-meter plane with stainless steel strips, neon and color LEDs on the control console, plus dark wall with wooden geometry

Photo zone 2:

golden wall with artistic stucco and leather door

Photo zone 3:

black wall with paper backgrounds (24 colors)

Photo zone 4:

a bamboo zone with rhombus-shaped mirror and semitransparent veil. Suspended color fabric (golden and claret), silvery riveted hassock

Movable requisites on LOFT-NEON location:


  • red and blue Jedi lightsabers

  • dark-wood chair

  • loft-style staircase

  • 4 paper backgrounds

  • small couch

  • table with oriental engraving

  • antique redwood folding screen

  • three shaman masks

photo equipment

  • three PROFOTO professional light sources on MANFROTTO stands;
  • full set of PROFOTO reflectors and soft boxes;
  • 24 color paper backgrounds;
  • 24 meters of color filters;