Futurama - ideal for fashion shoots and lookbooks

This location is ideal for model tests, fashion shoots and lookbooks. Angular cyclorama, paper backgrounds, corrugated mirror panels and numerous movable cubes creating various geometric shapes to any taste. If you love unconventional solutions and minimalism in photography, welcome to Futurama!


  • Photo zone 1:

Angular white cyclorama and 12 movable cubes of various sizes

  • Photo zone 2:

White wall with paper backgrounds

  • Photo zone 3:

Two corrugated mirror panels

Movable requisites on FUTURAMA location:

- 12 cubes of various sizes and three colors (white, grey, black)

- two corrugated mirror panels


- silvery mannequin

photo equipment

  • three PROFOTO professional light sources on MANFROTTO stands;
  • full set of PROFOTO reflectors and soft boxes;