Chocolate is a combination of varnish tree’s brown tones with patinated gold

You can drink this cocktail at a large bar counter. In the center of the room is a sliding transparent door which can divide the space to any creative taste. On the other side of the wall is a large golden tuffet with incredible modern illumination. The location also has zones with splendid vinous-golden wallpaper and crimson-golden chairs, helping change the mood by creating royal apartments.


Photo zone 1:

bar counter and bar wall with golden reflective counter and three bar stools

Photo zone 2:

two window-shaped light boxes with patterned wallpaper and a luxurious dark-cherry armchair in the center

Photo zone 3:

a movable quilt hassock bed, bedside cabinets with bracket lamps, a chandelier with a pavilion ceiling

Photo zone 4:

a large floor-to-ceiling mirror in golden frame and wall with wallpaper, exclusive bracket lamps

Movable requisites on СHOСOLATE location:


  • hassock couch

  • bottles from bar (very careful)

  • golden-cherry armchair

  • golden clock

  • golden vase

  • three bar stools

photo equipment

  • three PROFOTO professional light sources on MANFROTTO stands;
  • full set of PROFOTO reflectors and soft boxes;
  • 24 color paper backgrounds;
  • 24 meters of color filters;